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Welcome to our website, where we explore the transformative ideas of Dan Sullivan’s book, “Who Not How.” In this groundbreaking book, Sullivan presents a powerful new paradigm for achieving success in all areas of life. Instead of focusing on the “how” of achieving your goals, Sullivan advocates for a shift in mindset towards the “who” – building relationships and finding the right people to help you achieve your goals.

Sullivan is a renowned entrepreneur and founder of the Strategic Coach program, and he draws on his extensive experience in coaching high-achieving individuals to present a fresh approach to problem-solving and goal-setting. By emphasizing the importance of collaboration and delegation, Sullivan offers a new way of looking at the traditional model of success, one that is centered around leveraging the strengths and skills of others to achieve your own goals.

Throughout this website, we will explore the key themes and ideas of “Who Not How” and how they can be applied to your personal and professional life. We will examine the ways in which this approach can lead to increased productivity, creativity, and success, and provide practical advice for implementing these principles in your own life.

Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, or someone simply looking to achieve your goals more effectively, this website will provide you with valuable insights and strategies. By learning to shift your focus from “how” to “who”, you can unlock your true potential and achieve greater success than ever before.

Join us on this journey as we explore the world of “Who Not How” and discover the power of collaboration, delegation, and building strong relationships. With the right mindset and approach, anything is possible.

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“Who Not How” by Dan Sullivan is a revolutionary approach to achieving success in life and business. The book emphasizes the importance of collaboration and delegation, urging readers to shift their focus from the “how” to the “who” when it comes to achieving their goals. Sullivan argues that building relationships and finding the right people to help you achieve your goals is the key to success, and that by leveraging the skills and strengths of others, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible. With practical strategies and real-world examples, “Who Not How” offers a powerful new perspective on problem-solving, productivity, and achieving success. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or simply someone looking to achieve your goals, this book provides a valuable roadmap for achieving your dreams through the power of collaboration and delegation.

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Who Not How:

It is only through teamwork and collaboration that you can achieve things you previously thought impossible.



That’s what real leadership is: Creating and clarifying the vision, and giving that vision greater context and importance for all Whos involved.

Who’s executing the How.



“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.””

Ronald Reagan



Everything you do is to confirm your bias and achieve your narrow goals.

This is where most people stop in their development, highly convinced of their own perspectives and unwilling to alter those views.



If you’re going to apply higher levels of teamwork in your life, you’ll need to relinquish control over how things get done.



How can you make money?

“How” costs a lot of time.



Increase your Freedom of Time.



Time is finite. We all have 24 hours. Before you can master any of the other freedoms, you must become a master of your own time.



Our motivation to expand as individuals leads us to seek close relationships with other people.



As you engage in relationships, you expand your efficacy as a person, your ability to produce results.



The more people you are a Who for, the more successful you will become.



Take a loof at your life:

Where’re you lacking collaboration? Where is your vision too small?



You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays.

Meredith Willson



Confidence is belief in your ability to imagine, conceptualize, and achieve goals.



Procrastination is actually a form of wisdom.



Killing procrastination in two steps:

Be explicit about your goal.

Ask Who can help you accomplish that goal.



Selective Attention

Our conscious mind filters the information and pays attention to the things that seem relevant or important.

It is for this reason that you hear your name in a loud room.



Your eyes only see and your ears only hear what your brain is looking for.



Impact Filter:

What is the project?

What’s the purpose?

Why is it important?

Ideal Outcome

Best Result of Action

Worst Result of Inaction

Success Criteria for Completion



90 Day Moving Future:


Current Areas of Focus

Greatest Excitement

Five New “”Jumps””



When you free yourself up from various tasks, you free up your mind to go to different places.



You need to increase the demand on yourself to focus and succeed.



Rise up to the level of your goals.

Increase the demand on yourself.

You need the pressure to succeed.



Transformational Leadership Theory:

Individual Consideration: attend to each team member’s needs, give empathy, support, and respect.

Intellectual Stimulation: stimulate and encourage, build confidence, take learning seriously, don’t micromanage.

Inspirational Motivation: articulate the vision, communicate optimism, provide meaning, be understandable, precise, powerful.

Idealized Influence: high ethical behavior, positive pride, respect and trust, because of who you are.



Research has found that teams who have high levels of autonomy but low goal clarity, as well as little performance feedback, actually perform worse than teams with low autonomy.



High autonomy, high goal clarity, with regular feedback, gets shit done.


Lessons are repeated until learned.

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott



Having a great work ethic is something to strive for.

You’re either in the “”Time and Effort Economy”” or the “”Results Economy.””



Cost-Minded = Transactional and Short-Term Focused

Investment-Minded = Investing in Whos and Long-Term Focused



A man of value will give more than he receives.

Albert Einstein



If you’re useful, and continue being generous, the world will be very good to you.



We remain young to the degree that our ambitions are greater than our memories.



Personal confidence comes from making progress toward goals that are far bigger than your present capabilities.


134 Eighty percent is already getting results while a hundred percent is still thinking about it.

Dan Sullivan



You can get to 80 percent of a project very quickly.



The worst thing you can do, is keep it to yourself.

Being vulnerable and honest [will make you] less overwhelmed.



The sooner you communicate your needs the better.

You’ll get the clarity needed to be motivated.”



Everyone on your team should want to be a hero to you and to one another.



The only way to be remembered fondly is to increase others’ capabilities.



The only way you can make your present better is by making your future better.



Your identity is not fixed, but rather based upon your current experiences.



[Make people] a part of something larger and more important. They see the bigger picture [and] put special care and attention into their work.



Being a hero brings out the best in human beings.

Who do you want to be a hero to?